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About the Music Embassies

Who We Are

The Worldwide Music Embassies is a global organization assisting those of all music genres within the music industry.  Anyone in the industry can benefit from utilizing their respective Music Embassy.  The Music Embassies are one of three categories of Embassies founded by “The Worldwide Elite Embassy” which is a global career and business advancement organization that offers life changing opportunities and support so that the individuals and businesses they assist can progress personally, professionally and financially.

A major focus for the organization as a whole is educating and training about the Music Industry so that those within it can truly understand how it works so that they can have a more positive experience while protecting their rights, work and investments.

Utilize the Music Embassies as you wish.  You may simple take advantage of its numerous services as you need them, such as global exposure, marketing, PR/publicity, consulting, music production, mixing and mastering services, video production, graphics, web development and more OR choose to be represented by the organization’s many divisions such as; bookings, publishing, professional representation, distribution,  and many more.

We assist and have opportunities for

  • Recording Artists
  • Producers
  • Composers
  • Record Labels
  • Managers/Management Companies

  • MultiMedia Companies
  • Music Societies
  • Music Agencies
  • Marketing, PR & Promotion Companies
  • Radio Stations

  • DJ’s and Sound Systems
  • Recording Studios
  • Sound/Music Engineers
  • Video Production Individuals and Companies
  • Distribution Companies

Please be advised that there is a mandatory training seminar that must be attended if you seek assistance from the Music Embassies. It is step one toward a more productive career and business within the Music Industry.

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