The Music Embassies and Reggae Embassy have teamed up to provide special support for Reggae and Dancehall’s Veteran artists. So many artists after decades of popularity still do not have their rights properly protected. Both entities are educating and assisting these talented icons to ensure that they not only learn the business side but to also scour through to get all information gathered for a proper catalog of our legacy.

In addition to rights education and protection, the Music Embassies has been advocating to the US Embassy and Department of Homeland Security for veteran 90’s Dancehall artists such as General Degree, Jigsy King, and Bushman. The advocacy was requested by a booking agency in Jamaica who needed confirmation from a US entity that could confirm that these amazing artists are in fact a part of Jamaican and Reggae Culture. In fact, the Music Embassies then found themselves actually advocating for Dancehall itself since it was not being recognized by their office as culturally unique.

The Music Embassies had explained that Dancehall is a huge part of Jamaican culture and it is absolutely culturally unique to Jamaica. JA is the birthplace of Dancehall and sprung into the commercial market worldwide with the popularity of 90’s Dancehall artists. This genre has its own fashion, dances, and veteran artists. We expressed how important it is to recognize 90’s Dancehall as being culturally unique and why the touring is so important to continue allowing Jamaican veteran artists to tour. The parents and grandparents of born Jamaican-Americans look forward to the family events to expose them to the culture and dances their original homeland.

We are elated that the US agencies were extremely receptive of our justification and that many veteran artists are continuing to enter in on these special Visas to ensure that the Jamaican culture lives on here in the US for not only born Jamaicans but those who are fascinated and in love with the culture.